DendroElevator is an open-source web platform for tree-ring image curation, visualization, and analysis. The system is optimized to maximize access to gigapixel images of tree rings and related paleoenvironmental proxy datatypes for remote research and distanced collaboration.

DendroElevator features a browser-based toolkit for tree-ring image visualization and time series measurement built for Elevator, a cloud-hosted digital asset management software with curation and robust streaming capabilities for file types of any size and common 2D and 3D formats, plus adaptability for various metadata and access permissions schemas.

DendroElevator constitutes an initial realization of our vision to create an open source, easily accessible online repository of high quality tree-ring imagery for entire collections of specimens. More information is here.

Featured Item:

Silver Maple tree ring core from Pontoon Slough, analyzed as part of a USGS Midwest Climate Adaptation Science Center research project focused on floodplain forest resilience to climate change in the Upper Mississippi River.

Pontoon Slough Silver Maple - PS0115B - USGS Midwest CASC
  • ACSA
Collection Date:
  • 8/7/19
  • Rings measured for calendar years 1945–2019. Note the "light" ring for 1963.